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China dating siteChina dating site – China is amongst the biggest countries in the world. The Chinese civilization is considered among the oldest in the world.

The fact is, a hundred years ago, the couples in China didn’t even hugged or kissed till their marriage day. Asian dating – Today, most girls in China are wealthy & exposed to the western culture.

Yet they preserve their old values. The dating rituals in China are totally different from those in other parts of the world.

Given below are the 3 important stages in the China dating site ritual

First Stage: A Friendly beginning

When dating a Chinese women, always remember one thing: Chinese women don’t like rushing. In the beginning, it is always good to talk to them about their social life, common interests, etc.

It is necessary to grow a healthy relationship with them right from the beginning. Start just like you would with a normal friend.

Second Stage: Relationship Disclosure

If you aren’t serious enough about relationship with a Chinese women, then avoid meeting her family members at all costs. Because if you meet the relatives or family members of her, you’re indicating your seriousness towards the relationship.

Third Stage: Marriage

In case you really like her & are ready to marry her, you must definitely meet her family members & properly introduce yourself. After a few meetings, you can tell her parents that you want to marry their daughter.

The truth is, most people in China believe that their parents have taken huge troubles to bring their kids up; so inform her parents first. The meetings are also arranged in order to discuss about the preparation of marriage as well as dowry.

The above are three basic stages which will help you understand the Chinese culture before you sign up to a China dating site.

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Things to Remember


When taking a Chinese woman to eat, among several etiquette points in eating, you must pay attention to only one thing: order the food.

Unlike western cultures where women are totally fine in making their individual choice while ordering the food, the women in China however, believe a man should make this choice.

If your partner knows exactly what she would like to have, then it’s fine, however you’ll realize many time that they’ll worry what they may pick might be wrong, or a thing which you might not like.

Because, in the Chinese culture, meals are typically shared and even if you’re in a western diner, this might still be on the back of her mind. Hence, if you find her being hesitant while ordering, take the lead yourself.


Many women in China think that their male should take a lead during a dialogue. You must be prepared for this if your partner looks reluctant to start the chat.

Most Chinese women may not be comfortable in initiating the chat because of their fear of revealing too much of their personality which may reflect badly upon them; particularly this may be the case when you’re from a different culture.

That is important to remember before you sign up to a China dating site.

Another thing to remember when you’re trying to find Chinese girls or women on the China dating site. Is that you are not allowed to talk anything about sex.

This is typically because majority of the people in this country not like the discussions related to the sex.

As opposed to the western dating culture where everyone is independent to discuss about love and sex. Also, in the Chinese culture, a Chinese women’s virginity is highly valued because this showcases the purity & chastity of the woman in China.

So, when you are dating a Chinese girl or woman, always make sure not to rush yourself in getting physical. Hope you can use som of the advices we give you here, befor you sign up to a China dating site.