Match.com Vs eHarmony Comparison

Which dating site would you choose

Match.com Vs eHarmony Comparison – Match.com Vs eHarmony ComparisonFinding a dating website is not easy specially when you have to select one among thousands.

Internet is full with dating websites, most of these dating websites are general where anyone can register and search for their life partner while some of these dating websites are limited to specific group of people like homosexual.

Dating on the base of jobs, ethics, religions and races etc. Some of these dating websites are fee while some dating website required you to pay after using a trial version.

When we talk about authentic dating website, from where there are more chances to get “date” there are very few websites came into our mind and two of them are Match.com and eHarmony.

Both of these websites are old and contain millions of registered users. There is no mean to say that these website are not authentic or you would not found enough matches as per your requirements.

Both of these websites are extremely cheap to get registered but for those who does not want to pay both website, i am going to compare their features, options.

Stats and many other information including cost comparison which will help you to decide where to get register for better results.

Cost Comparison:

Match.com and eHarmony.com allow you to register and use their services for free but you cannot enjoy full list of features and search result show you very limited result including the picture of matched you have found.

It cost $64.95 per month to get register as premium use and enjoy all features on eHarmony.com while match.com cost $43.06 per month where both website offer discount if you purchase their 1 year or 6 month packages.

User Friendly:

Both of these website are user friendly and easy to use. If you are aware with social networking websites like Facebook or Myspace.com then you can easy operate on Match.com and eHarmony.com.

Personally I like the design of match.com more as compare to eHarmony.com because it is more easy to navigate at user end. eHarmony is not less user friendly but as a newbie, I found it little difficult to operate.

Both website offer free trial, so you can take test drive before you go for pro version.

Match.com Vs eHarmony Comparison – Number of users:

Match.com Vs eHarmony Comparison – Number of users matter a lot, actually they matter more than cost because it is totally useless how easily you can operate website or how cheap their premium version is available to purchase unless you don’t know how many users are registered.

As an age vice, match.com is older than eHarmony.com that’s why there are more registered user on match.com.

According to Wikipedia there are more than 15 million people registered on match.com while eHarmony has only 2-3 million registered user.

Match.com Vs eHarmony Comparison – But let me clear one thing on this point. eHarmony may have less registered users but most of its users are using premium services as compare to match.com on the bases of total users while eHarmony have much serious members in term to get a date.

According to search result, match.com has more young registered members than eHarmony.