Benefits of Match.com as a dating site

Match.comMatch.com is one of the oldest online dating website. I would not be wrong if I say that match.com was the first website who has introduced the concept of online dating in the world. Join other international dating sites here.

And it has taken the concept of dating, match making and matrimonial to whole new level.

After the launch of match.com there were millions of people all around the world get registered. That’s why match.com is known the only dating website which has most online users.

In the first year of their launch they reached to more than 15 million members while the number of members registered at this site is much high than any other dating website.

In case if you are looking for an authentic way to search life partner or a friend to spend quality time, then there is no better option than this site has to offer.

Because it offer number of free benefits which you could not be found anywhere else, specially not in the same price.

Let’s take a look to number of benefits and reasons, why you should get registered with this site right now:

Match.com has most active users

Many people don’t know but Match.com has the highest number of users you can find comparing to any other online dating website.

Match.com also received the title of Guinness World Record in 2004 and it was recognized the only website with most number of users. Largest online dating website and a dating website with most number of active users.

Its free to join this site

When Match.com was launched. It was totally free to enjoy it’s all features and there was no such option like “paid membership” but due to competitors and launch of many similar websites.

This dating site has to introduced more features to make their website more interesting and beneficial for the members. Due to which they has to introduced their paid membership.

But not for new members. Yes, Match.com offer you free trial to test their functions and enjoy their features for free before you go for paid subscription.

Offers best subscription prices

Being old. Unique and most users, this datingsite could charge high subscription fee. But make it reasonable for everyone, this site is still leading with its lowest subscription prices.

It cost only $41.99 per month to enjoy their paid section where other websites are charging up to $100 per month.

In case if you purchase this dating site subscription plans for 12 months. Then they will offer you 63% discount, yes, it cost will be decreased to $20.99 per month instantly.

Match.com is the biggest online dating platform

Tell me how many online dating websites do you know about which has their offices in different parts of the world? This site is one of them which has offices in different countries like America and China.

Which makes this site a unique and biggest online dating network which has also introduced many other features as well.

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