5 Benefits of eHarmony as a dating site

eHarmony eHarmony.com do not required any introduction. It is one of the most famous online dating website which has been features in many movies.

TV series and become part of mainstream media due to its popularity. eHarmony has helped many individuals to meet with their life partner. Friends and even best friends. See also dating site from all over the world here.

Serious dating

This is not a website where you can find a date for a one night stand. But you can find your future life partner as well. eHarmony has made many successful stories by offering a great online dating platform to people all over the world.

If you are looking for a reliable dating online website. Then there could be nothing more beneficial website than eHarmony because it offers a number of benefits. Let’s take a look to the benefits of using eHarmony below:


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1 – You can enjoy free trial:

There is nothing more interesting than to test a product before you purchase it. This dating site offers you to get registered with their website for free for 30 days.

As soon as you get registered with their website. Your count down for free trial starts. You can enjoy most of their premium features and options for free including message other members. View their pictures and profiles.

The free trial version of eHarmony also allow you to use their search engine to find out members living close to your location.

2 – It does not required your credit card:

Majority of online dating websites ask you to submit your payment details like credit or debit card information. They ask for financial information to confirm your payment method and secondly verify your age.

But, with eHarmony you don’t need to worry about to submitting your financial details until you are really interested to purchase their paid subscription.

Their free trial version works in same way like any other free online dating website works, without asking about your credit card details.

3 – This dating site has most authentic websites:

It could be a nightmare if you get registered with a website which has fake profiles, all of your money you have spend to purchase premium membership will be wasted while you did not get any results.

Not in case of eHarmony, it may have less members than match.com or Yahoo dating websites but it has the most authentic members, while the supporting team of eHarmony also remove fake and dead profiles on regular base.

4 – eHarmony show better search results:

eHarmony has multiple websites to help their users to find out perfect results. If you are from UK then you should use their UK based website, for USA and Canadian members they have a separate website. They also have their main website to find out international dates online. This helps you to find out most accurate result specially if you are looking for a local date.

5 – eHarmony’s subscription prices are reasonable:

If you are looking for a premium dating website, nothing could be better than eHarmony because it is not just authentic online dating website but a website with most low subscription fees.

It may look very high when you see their first month price plan which cost $59.95, but do you know, you can save $50 if you purchase 24 months subscription instead of purchasing 1 month subscription.

Your cost will be reduced from $59.95 to $9.95, which means 83% discount while, for those member who want to purchase for 12 months, this dating site offer them the same package of $59.95 into $18.95 which means that you are still saving 68%.

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